21 Weeks! She’s Pink!

Time is seriously flying by, and that’s fine by me because I cant wait to meet this little bundle of goodness! Pregnancy has been pretty good to me, first 12 weeks of course the pretty standard nausea and vomiting every morning, the off putting smells that would make you cringe, the start of sleep insomnia and the anxiety sums up my first trimester perfectly. As for 2nd tri I feel fabulous cravings are pinapple and anything seriously sweet – weird because I’m such a savory gal myself but still no exact signs on what this beb might be??? The votes where majority boy because my hubby has only boys in his immediate family and as much as I would love a girl I would of been happy with a healthy boy just as much. I think after you experience pain like we have gender isnt such a big issue anymore is it!! Bubs last scan the big 20 week one come back fantastic everything well in range and our little bean is growing 2weeks ahead In length holly hell maybe someone in this family might be semi tall 🙊. I brought myself a doppler at probably around 14 weeks and it seriously was the best thing I did any time I felt anxious or worried about our little one I just listened for that sweet sound and new everything was still going good, so if your thinking about getting one DO IT 😊

So today was our big G reveal would it be pink or blue?? I always new I wanted to do some sort of reveal but nothing over the top or extra so we kept it simple by having just grandparents attending, I really wanted the pictures to be taken where we got married but unfortunately shitty weather stopped any plans of that! But we still managed to find somewhere nice to do it just wasnt the beach sene I had hoped for. So we arrived at the gardens spoke to the photographer on what we wanted and that was it time to light the smoke and find out…… pooofff PINK it is screams from the grandparents tears from us…. holly shit we broke the boy cycle we are actually having a girl and we are so so happy and blessed I thank my lucky stars every day that we were lucky with our IVF journey and now I thank them for giving me a little bestie girl…..19 weeks to go and I’m definitely counting, what will she look like who will she be, where will she go in life, what’s her personality like? All these questions I found myself asking I cant wait to meet her and cherish every minute with her 💗💞💗💞💗💞💗


11 weeks and counting

Wow where has the time gone, I cant believe already I am 11 weeks pregnant that still doesnt even feel real saying it! Sometimes I have to remind myself this isnt a dream and then i catch a small glimpse of my every so growing baby belly or that nausea creeps by again to say hello and it all those feels hit me we really are pregnant!

I had another scan at 9weeks 3 days and bub was measuring on track with a heart beat of 160bpm ahhh pure happiness hearing the sonographer say everything is looking perfect. I have now been released from the fertility clinic and over to my normal doctor who is fabulous and knows our story from the start, I finished up taking my progesterone pesseries at week 10 and even though I couldnt wait to never see those things again it made me really anxious just stopping them, my doctor assured me it was fine and that the ivf clinic had been the ones to advise the discontinuation of them if my second ultrasound was good! Trust in the doctors right they want was best for us to mmmm harder said than done.

As it gets closer to Christmas day

(the day we want to announce our pregnancy to our friends)

I’ve been getting anxiety off and on about hoping our pregnancy continues to be healthy and strong, my husband thinks I’m an overactor and generally speaking his right in some way but I guess I’m so scared to announce this to my social media world and then have something happen and have to un announce it how dreadful…..we dont have another scan untill 13weeks now due to the public holidays and this one we have paid for to have the genetic screening of down syndrome etc done, after googling like wild fire about if I should post or hold off longer I figure why wait we would regret it if we didnt do it how we originally planned, and truth is anything can happen at any stage of my pregnancy, at the moment I have a healthy baby growing ill be 12 weeks so not as high risk – whats the problem postive vibes only remember ( i do have to keep reminding myself)

I cant wait to tell the world our news!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with loved ones and get spoilt


First Ultrasound 🌼

Where has the time gone I feel horrible and disconnected from you all apoligizes I’ve been sick and then better and then sick again, trying to manage my work and house life duties, while maintaining 0 energy, sleeping so much having a birthday and also seeing our little bub on the big screen 💕 you could say it’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks!

We are officially 7 weeks +4 I’ve had constant morning sickness every day for the last couple of weeks only when I first wake up I do my thing and then I feel fine. I’m so tired majority of the time its actually quite crazy because when I sleep I sleep really good my sence of smell is definitely heightened and I can’t stop sneezing and i wouldnt change any of these symptoms for the world. 💕

Let’s talk about the 1st ultrasound arrr felt like I had to wait for ever for this to come around I was so impatient I just wanted to see our little bean and make sure everything was tracking along good. My husband and my Mum both come along to see our little babe the sonographer was great by letting them both in the room. Straight up my little bean was on the screen and our sonographer was explaining everything he was looking at, bub has a healthy heart beat of 141bpm and looks good nestled in there. Once I heard and seen it I instantly releaxed and was able to take in our magical moment babe was on the screen for a good 10mins and I cant wait to be able to see her/he again 😍 we meet with our ivf clinic this morning for them to discharge us to our normal gp who we will see later today and then we will know when our next scans etc are 🙌

Tell me ladies our 12 week potential safe mark lands on the Friday week of Christmas I really have thought up a beautiful way of announcing it Christmas day to our friends and family via social media however I’m worried as I’ll only be 11weeks +4 do you think this will matter to much??? I mean it’s only 3days but I’m just not sure 🤔🤔

Hugs Sisters

Sending postive vibes and baby dust your way 💕😘🍍🌼

Anxiety Blows

I am currently now 5w3d and my anxiety is killing me, nobody said how hard the wait was from finding out about your BFP to your first scan. I swear it’s harder than the 2 week wait. I found myself on Saturday morning starting to freak out as I woke up feeling normal no real nausea which i had the week before just like my normal self except I felt anxious and started googling what I should be feeling etc full well knowing everyone is so different. I’ve had mild cramping for the last 2 weeks but they only come and go very quickly, I’ve noticed it more so to the right hand side so then what do I do google some more and of course i read the good the bad and the ugly. I decided I would request another beta test from my general GP to just make sure my HCG levels are still rising and I swear the doctor made me feel worse! She said I couldnt possibly of had symptoms last week as I’m still so early probably just ate something which set me off -I know my body so I know what I was feeling was real and not made up she then proceeded to ask me what I would do if my levels had dropped well obviously I would be upset but I would know that things wernt looking good and start to get myself prepared for what was to come! She told me that everything that happens now is completely out of my control 100% agree lady I know this but I still have a week and a half before I can hopefully hear a strong heartbeat or see my little berry on that screen and I’m already going insane. I asked if she was concerned about the cramps I was feeling more so on my right hand side and she told me wouldnt be etopic because your still early and that general doesnt happen untill 6 weeks this is actual bullshit because I’ve read about them on forums lucky I dont think that’s what It would be anyway as I dont have any other symptoms and the cramping hasnt gotten worse just really feels like period pain! She just really made me feel like shit anyway she gave me the forms for my 3rd blood test and I wont find out untill tomorrow, I know I need to stop stressing and that it really is out of my control if anything was to happen and to be honest I dont know where this has even all come from. I feel when we go through IVF we really fight to fall pregnant and then we try and fight again and we hope and we pray and pray that everything is smooth sailing untill the end.

Ahhh what a journey sisters please tell me I’m not the only crazy one that has had anxiety and freaked out over really nothing my husband told me he was going to take google away from me soon God bless him haha 💖🤞🍍🤰

Beta results are in 🍍

The suspense really sucked today I was ment to have my bloods yesterday but due to it being a Sunday my ivf clinic messaged me to say to have it done first thing Monday morning (today) if that wasn’t bad enough right….. Then come the long wait for the phone call my phone rang at 3pm up come primary ivf on the screen here goes it would officially become official or not now!

How you feeling the nurse asked, I’m good thanks eagly waiting for the news – I bet you are well we have good results for you, you are pregnant congratulations your hcg is at 810 and progesterone is at 50 which my doctor is really happy with. I have further bloods in 2 days to make sure my hcg is rising and then my first scan booked in 2 weeks time 🙂

This was real I was seriously actually pregnant I was shocked even though I had done so many hpt its just not the same as hearing those words or seeing my husbands face light up it was beautiful.

I’m feeling very blessed and grateful right now and I just hope and pray that everything continues along the right path for us with this pregnancy postive vibes continue!! I thank each and everyone of you that I have come into contact with throughout my journey this far, with out your constant support and advice I’d be lost so thank you all….. I pray for all my sisters going through this journey that you all get your BFP real soon and continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and I can’t wait to read all about them 💖💖 I’ll keep you all updated with our further results but untill then Love hugs positive vibes and baby dust sisters 🍍💖🌼

2 Pink Lines

What a hype every couple of days during my stim cycle I posted there was so much to write about, and then transfer happens and theres nothing to write about because you just have to wait!

5dp 5dt and I decided to test I couldn’t help myself I needed to know, that an the fact I was nauseous at the thought of chicken was really weird…so here goes I pee on the stick and hold it in my hands so tight because of the nerves. I cant see anything…… and then there it is slowly and faint the 2nd line appears, I sat on the bathroom floor and just stared at it in disbelief while tears filled my eyes is this for real am I really pregnant has this worked or was it just my eyes playing tricks on me or could it be my trigger shot still so many things running through my head… so I messaged a friend who has been through ivf, what do I do? She told me to test again that night and continue to do it at night as she found her hcg to be higher in the evenings if the line got darker it wasnt the trigger shot. If it faided away it was. So that’s what I did and each night it’s gotten darker and darker I’m still in disbelief and shock and dont think i will fully believe it untill I hear the words from the nurses mouth. I know we are still so early and anything could happen but I hope and pray that baby E is here for the long haul and snuggles in real deep that babe is loved so so much already by us and family. I’m still nauseous but nothing major it comes and goes and my sleep pattern is a little whacked but apart from that I feel amazing our offical test day is 3 days away so fingers crossed my hcg levels are where they should be, isnt there so much worry we worry about getting pregnant and all the worries with ivf and then when pregnant you worry it will be viable and that everything is traveling okay the worry really will never stop will it Xx

Hugs Sisters 💖🍍😍

Baby E On Board

At the beginning of our journey I couldn’t picture us where we are today,

I remember it so clearly every single emotion every single dream being ripped from underneath my feet.

I had no answers back then just cold hard results of having 0 swimmers, of course I thought we were out before we began…but I pushed through and fought I new I wanted a baby and that’s all that mattered – fast forward to today and were okay were actually better than okay because now we know we do have swimmers and strong ones at that (which obviously makes hubby feel better than ever) and that I responded well to the injections resulting in a fairly good number of embryos out of the 10 received we had 6 fertilize and today one of those day 5 babies come home to where there ment to be. It’s a wait that’s for sure but today I’m grateful for making it this far and of course science.

Let me tell you about transfer it’s quite simple really the doctor called me into the room explained that he would place a beak similar to those, they use for a papsmear into my you know what and then when that was done they would bring my emby into the room in what looks like a dropper and place it inside, A 5 minute procedure. Except it may hurt he said as they cant use any lubrication. I had 2 grade 1 embryos make it 1 transferred today and 1 frozen. My husband and I got to watch the whole thing happen on a TV and even got to take a picture of our little guy…that’s the shit that gives you goosebumps seeing how amazing this whole process really is. As for pain yeah it was uncomfortable but it wasn’t painful, and that’s it all done hopefully our little emby implants and does it thing and we have a successful first round….but we both know that what’s ment to be will be and if it doesn’t work we will go again and again! Straight to maccas for a large Chips – I’m sure you’ve heard the wivestale and then home to relax for the afternoon!

Good luck to all who are going through this process positive vibes only sistas weve got this ☘🍍🤞🌻😘

Retrieval Day

4.30am my alarm sounded this morning and I didnt even hesitate getting out of bed, usually I lay and scroll my social accounts but not this morning it was the much anticipated retrieval day!

Being my first round I thought I would of had alot of nerves walking into the hospital and waiting but I was okay, I wasn’t scared or nervous, I actually wasn’t even concerned or had thought about the amount of eggs I hoped they would get. I just new that this was the next step and what would be would be. I was called into a room by the nurse who asked me when I triggered what trigger I used all my personal details weight height etc and then was given my cute gown, pink hair net and slippers time to get changed and a few other specialists will be out to see you. First to come in was the lab tech who explained the procedure to me and how the process of fertilization etc would work, her stats scared me a little and she mentioned that because we were using my husbands frozen sperm from his tesa procedure we may not have any eggs to freeze I’m still yet to absorb myself in articles on google as to why this may be! My FS come in and asked how I was feeling and if I was ready to go ummm hell yeah! As he walked out I told him to get me some winners and he simply smiled. Time to go – I walked into the room hoped on the bed they placed an oxgygen mask over my face needle in my arm and the big lights went on….it was like something I had watched on TV

( I’ve never been under untill today)

And that is simply all I remember I dont remember feeling woozy or tired I just went…. next thing I know the nurses are calling my name I opened my eyes and straight away said how many did we get she smiled and said they are still counting thank fuck I thought in my head that means that there were some at least. She helped me get dressed and walked me to a big chair where I was greated with fresh sandwiches and orange juice – let’s be real I smashed them I was so hungry! All I felt at that point was tired not sore not bloated just tired. My doctor walked out to check how I was doing and told me we got 10 eggs woohoo I was really happy with that – like I said I hadn’t even let the thought of hoping for a certain amount of eggs cross my mind!

By lunch time I’m assuming the anastetic had started to wear off as I was feeling bloated as hell and had really bad cramping almost like bad period pain I tried to sleep but only got like an hour I have felt dizzy slightly off and on but nothing major, and some slight bleeding which they said was normal! I have just taken 2 pain killers which I’m hoping will knock me out soon so I get a good sleep as I’m back at work tomorrow!

So now we wait for the phone call tomorrow to see how many of my little eggies fertilize fingers crossed some do and then we wait again to see how many survive and find out if were doing a 3 day or 5 day all I can think of now is that I hope at least a couple of those babies make it long enough to transfer I think this is going to be the hardest wait 💖

Stim Day 12

The bloat is real – this is the tummy of 21 follicles growing happily away hopefully producing some good quality eggs! I had my first scan on Friday and had 17 follies 5 of those measuring ahead between 16-18 the other 12 were tiny fellas the nurse didnt even mention there size to me, and my estrogen was right where they wanted it to be. I then had a follow up scan 3 days later and I now have 21 follies the biggest sucker measuring at 23 it must be nearly time right….I thought for sure I’d get the much anticipated msg from the nurse to tell me I was booked for epu on Wednesday and to take my trigger….wrong my doctor was happy with my results but wanted to stimm me for longer in hope that those smaller follies now measuring between 14 -16 would catch up to the big fellas I hope it’s worked, I have another scan tomorrow morning and more bloods (my poor arms cant take any more there so bruised and I mean literally I look like an addict 😲)

Hopefully tomorrows msg we will know when our epu will be booked for. At the moment I fear I may ovulate to early –

(i know…. always assume the worst but dont we all think of worst case scenarios, what if this happens what if that doesn’t happen you know the daily mind boggles)

I know one of the injections is ment to stop this but I have read a few ladies from my clinic experience this what a bummer it must totally suck! Who am I kidding having to go through IVF to begin with sucks! Dont get me wrong I’m so glad their even is such a thing, how beautiful science is when you have to experience it first hand, but let’s be honest infertility just out right sucks!!

Apart from my bloat and sore sore nipples I feel good really good, I actually thought I would of been a crazy woman taking all these hormones but I’ve only really had one bad day out of the 12…lucky for my husband and my wonderfully supportive work colleges 🤣

Hugs Sisters And Good Luck To All


Stim Day 4

I’m bloated and uncomfortable already, I have more pain on the side we have been putting the injections and have experienced headaches since starting. Yesterday I also experienced cramping which only lasted an hour thank God I never usually get cramping even with aunt flow so that was horrible! I feel my moodiness is starting to swing on in and one wrong comment will cause me to lose my shit. I guess I just have to remind myself why we are doing this and that hopefully it will be all worth it in the end, I definitely give you sisters that have endured all of this round and round again a big cheers you girls are fantastic and so strong. I’m gonna be honest I’m over the friggin needles already (and I havnt even had that many yet) and tomorrow we go to 2 needles a night that’s gonna be fun!! Last nights one really hurt me but the 2 times before that they were easy, I’m putting it down to me being bloated and tender. We will try my other side tonight and see how that goes apart from those couple of things I’m feeling good first blood test tomorrow so they can see how everything is going! For someone who absolutely hated needles growing up I think I’m going to be a pro by the end of this. I’m off for a nice walk now with a friend to recharge and shake this mood

Hugs sisters X